Welcome to KSS CBD Tea ~ Your CBD Tea with Health Benefits

KSS CBD Tea Is made with the highest quality of Oregon grown full spectrum hemp. Our Teas and Tisanes are blended by Oregon Supreme Tea. We do not just make tea blends. We do the research and work with botanical experts. Farmers help us to understand the quality of their products. Herbalists and naturopaths reveal the potency and potential benefits of every ingredient we use

We are currently selling our teas in 1.5 oz (42.51 g) pouches. Each of our teas is made with 360 mg Raw Hemp CBD. This is approximately 20mg of CBD per 8-12 oz. cup.

Q & A

What is the source of your CBD? Where does it come from?”
Answer: Our CBD is taken from and processed from the finest quality of Oregon grown hemp. If you have not heard yet, Oregon hemp farms are of such great quality their CBD is supplied around the world.

“Can you explain the type of CBD compound these teas have?”
Answer: KSS CBD tea blends are not made from tinctures nor oils, nor flavors. Using the CO2 extraction method, the full spectrum CBD is processed into a pure rock solid form and then pulverized into a granular form to be blended into organic tea leaves, organic herbs, and other organic botanicals, such as ginger and turmeric root.

” Will I experience effects of THC in this CBD?”
Answer: Sorry, there are forms of CBD that can give you the buzz but this isn’t one of them. While it is impossible to strip 100% of THC from CBD, THC in this product is non-detectable as required by law. However, not all CBD products are the same. You want to make sure you have a CBD product that has a potency of at least 90%. Our is 95%. The richest CBD infusions tend to be more expensive but highly efficacious. You get what you pay for.